What can I do to support Fairtrade?

Everyone can do something to support fairtrade.  Everyone is a consumer. You can:

   Buy fairtrade products.  When you go for your weekly shop or make other purchases, look for brands bearing the Fairtrade Mark. 
If you’re looking for a gift with a difference – why not make a difference too and buy a fairtrade gift.  There are many attractive and original ideas for gifts available from fairtrade shops or from mail order companies on-line.  Click where to buy for fairtrade outlets in Paisley and locally.

   Spread the word -tell your family and friends about fairtrade

   When cooking or baking use fairtrade ingredients.  Many common ingredients such as sugar, pasta, rice, dried fruits, coconut, chocolate, spices and herbs, honey, are available as fairtrade.  Download fairtrade recipes from www.fairtrade.org.uk or buy a fairtrade recipe book from a fairtrade shop, or make up your own recipes!

Be informed about fairtrade – find out the facts about the international trade system, about the principles of fairtrade, what products are available as fairtrade and where you can buy them (follow the links on this and other pages for sites on fairtrade).

Ask your community, social or church group to make fairtrade refreshments available for tea/coffee breaks, or ask for fairtrade teas/coffees and biscuits to be made available at your place of work.

   For a school, college or university project, write or give a presentation on fairtrade.  Information packs specially designed to give ideas or help with school/college/university work can be downloaded from www.fairtrade.org.ukand detailed information about fairtrade can also be downloaded from sites such as, www.wdm.org.uk, www.christianaid.org.uk; www.traidcraft.co.uk  and others.

     If your community, social or church group is looking for a speaker, invite someone to speak on fairtrade, or offer to speak yourself!  Ideas and more in-depth information can be downloaded from www.fairtrade.org.uk  and other sites, or Rainbow Turtle charity can give assistance with information on fairtrade, or could provide a speaker for a local group.

  • Run a sale and return fairtrade stall at your community, social group or church, or host a coffee-morning with fairtrade sale and return and fairtrade refreshments.  A sale and return facility is available locally from
Rainbow Turtle shop for justice.

Volunteer to help in a fairtrade shop.  There is one here in Paisley and there are various ways in which volunteers can help.  Volunteering is valuable because it enables market prices to be competitive and allows producers in developing countries to take the necessary initial steps in breaking into an international trading system that is presently weighted so heavily against them. It is one way of lending your support to ensure a fair deal for third world producers.

  Support ethical finance and banking

      Support the campaign for fairtrade by writing to your MP, MSP or MEP, or by asking your local councillor whether they support fairtrade in council and in what way. You can visit Renfrewshire Council's website at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk
Lend your support to nationally or locally organised campaigns for trade justice.

      Make fairtrade part of your life style, think fairtrade when making those everyday choices about what you do.

Competitions: None running at present

some of the products available in supermarkets, fairtrade shops
and some independent stores.

speaking to groups


in Rainbow Turtle shop for justice

Lobbying Irene Adams, MP at the scale up for justice campaign 2003